Welcome to Chapter Twenty One

I’m a 20 year old student who has decided to blog her lifestyle for her 21st year, where I’ll be turning 21 in July 2015 and carrying on to blog throughout my 21st year, so I’m planning on making this year a year of change, happiness and progress. On this blog, I shall be writing about all my 21 Projects which I’m aiming to complete by the end of the year, my life, all things healthy eating and fitness, musical theatre and producing. I started this blog because I wanted a new hobby that would keep me productive during the days, to motivate myself within these projects, using this blog to keep myself going and to not give up, which is usually the case and hopefully to inspire people. I write posts about life, my life and sometimes complete babble. I have 12 months, 365 days worth of blogging to do, so let’s see what 2015 brings me.

Stagey (3 of 25)

Within this blog, I have sub-pages including my “21 Recipes” where I attempt to make new and exciting recipes for my own benefit, but to share with you all too, my 21 Projects list where you can see what Projects I’m getting up to and attempting to finish and hopefully throughout the year I’ll have some more ideas to share with you.

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Happy Blogging!


5 thoughts on “Welcome

    • nicoleread94 says:

      This is so nice to hear! Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂 Oooh nice what day? I’m the 12th 🙂 I’ll check your blog out too then. Always nice to find blogs that write about similar things.

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